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what we do?

Field Lining and Painting Services LLC provides professional, turnkey, athletic field lining and painting services to public and private schools, youth sports organizations, teams, leagues, tournaments, public parks and individuals.


who we serve?





Recreational Team/Leagues

Youth Organizations




As sports fans, we paint all sports. Below are our most requested layouts - let us know if you're looking for another sport.

  • Football
  • Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Field Hockey
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • All Others

why choose us?

Save Time

Save Time

Save Money

Save Money

Save Labour

Save Labor

Save Aggravation

Save Aggravation

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. It's our core metric and paramount to our vision, core values and business operation.

Our service is top of the line. We use professional, commercial grade machines - both GPS mobile robot painters, typically for perfect establishments, and commercial grade airless Graco sprayers, for thick bright straight long-lasting repaints every time.

We use premium athletic turf paints in both standard and custom mixed colors. You'll never want to put aerosol on your field again!

We provide a turnkey solution for athletic administrators and organizations. Never worry about who is going to volunteer to paint your fields, if they'll be squared and straight, or if they'll be done on time.  We enable organizations and admins to prioritize other facility needs, trusting our team with the paint work.

We can also, through the use of turf grass growth regulators, limit the vertical growth of grass where paint is applied, so that each mowing, less line is mowed off. Growth regulators can safely decrease the required amount of applications of paint per year significantly, saving your team, club or event money!

Leave the field lining to us and save time, labor, money and aggravation!

here's how we benefit you

  • Prompt Reliable Service
  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly & Pre-Game Services
  • Professional, Experienced Staff
  • Save Salaries/Benefits
  • No Overhead/ Equipment Cost
  • Industrial, Commercial Grade Paints & Machines


Located in Thornton, PA, we currently serve PA, NJ, DE and MD. Just off the I-95 corridor, no location is too far.

Call us today for a free quote or submit our online request for a quote form.

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