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Cost Comparison

Our Service Saves You Money, Time & Hassel!

DIY Route

Equipment Costs:
Line striper rental or purchase- $300

Paint Costs:
Paint for a standard soccer field (multiple colors) - $500

Labor and Time:
Volunteer labor (20 hours at $10/hour) - $200

Maintenance and Repainting:
Touch-up paint and supplies - $100

Rework and Errors:
Additional paint and labor for fixing errors - $150

Total DIY Cost: $1,250

Professional Field Painting

Service Package Cost For A Standard Field: 

Equipment and Paint: 
Included in the service

Labor and Expertise:
Included in the service

Maintenance and Longevity: 
Included in the service

Value of Time Saved by Outsourcing: 

Total Professional Service Cost: $800

See What Our Clients Have Said


| Peter Valimont - Pennridge Highschool Men's Soccer Club
Scott and his team were fantastic! Our soccer club used his services to establish and paint our fields this past spring soccer season. We had a great experience working with Scott and look forward to working with him and his team in the future!


| George Livingston - Mainland Youth Lacrosse Club

Mainland Youth Lacrosse Club has used Field Lining and Painting Service to line multiple fields for the past several seasons .Scott and his crew are excellent. They do outstanding work, they respond promptly to emails and accommodate the dates the customer requests for service. Dealing with Scott is great. He is friendly and professional. We will be using them for the foreseeable future.


| Havre de Grace Soccer

What a great experience! Scott was extremely helpful while I tried to figure out exactly what was needed. Mike came out to line all 8 of my fields and did an amazing job. Will be using these guys every year! And the robot was super cool!


| Joe Tuohey - Souderton Area Boys Lacrosse Club

Scott and his team did a great job lining our four lacrosse fields in time for our Spring season. They were very responsive and professional, a pleasure to work with and the results look great.


| Gustavo Contreras - Roxbury Soccer Club

Great job, great service. They went out of their way to get the job done for me on time for me. Always a pleasure dealing with these guys.


| Gary Isaacs - Greater Philadelphia Flag Football League

Thank you for helping make our tournament a great success! Fairmount Park was an open plot, which you turned into 11 full-size football fields! I want to commend Jeff and his team for ensuring the fields were measured and painted exactly to spec!

| Tournament Director - Girls Summer Slam Lacrosse Tournament

Thank you for painting 15 girls lacrosse fields, the Carolina Blue really popped! I know from experience that lining 8 and 12-meter fans is backbreaking and you saved us the effort! We’ll definitely call you next year!


| Doug Corrigan - PA Roughriders Lacrosse Club

We’ve used them for two seasons now and they’ve been prompt and professional with quality work.

Why Choose Us?

Save Time & Effort

There is a signifcant amount time and effort required for proper field painting, including measuring, marking, and ensuring precision.

We Have The Knowledge

Accurate field lining can be a very complex process, especially for different sports. We have the knowledge for the correct paint types, measurments & regulations.

Consistent Results

DIY methods can often lead to inconsitent results such as uneven lines, faded markings etc. Our work is always consistent, percise and accurate.

We Keep Weather In Mind

We always keep weather conditions in mind, as rain or extreme temperatures can disrupt the process and affect paint quality.

Regulation Compliances

Our field lining process is compliant for regulations in all sports. Inproper lining can often lead to issues with regulations & unsafe situations.

We Provide Regular Maintenance

Our professional maintenance services ensure your field lining lasts much longer. This is very important for keeping your field in good condition.

Visual Appeal / Professionalism

Our professional field lining services are much more visually appealing then the typical DIY route. Overall, it's a better, longer lasting product.

Save On Equipment Costs

Renting the neccessary equipment, purchasing paint and other tools can quickly become very expensive. Hiring us will actually save you money.

No Risk Of Error

With DIY you take on the risk of error such as uneven or faded lines. But by hiring us, you take that risk away entirely!

No More Stress

Accurately painting and lining your field can be a very stressful process, especially in a time crunch. Let us help you eliminate that stress!


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